Resource Partners


Friends of Veterans works with several different agencies to assist clients. In cases where a client is in need of significant financial assistance, Friends of Veterans requires the client seek help from other agencies in addition to the request to Friends of Veterans.

Below are several (but not all) of the agencies that we partner with to share the financial burden a client may have. Clients are encouraged to reach out to these organizations in addition to applying to Friends of Veterans.

Agency NameTelephone NumberAdditional Information
Easter Seals603 315-4354New Hampshire Only
Vets Inc802 451-9189Vermont
Vets Inc603 247-5283New Hampshire
Ruck Up603 903-1255No car repairs
Vermont 211866 652-4636Information
New Hampshire 211866 444-4211Information
Harbor Homes603 882-3616New Hampshire Only
State Veteran Affairs888 666-9844Vermont
State Veteran Affairs603 624-9230New Hampshire
Veterans Administration802 295-9363
800 827-1000
White River Junction
Manchester (General)
Veterans Administration603 624-4366Manchester (Medical)

Service Dog Resources

Friends of Veterans will assist a client acquire a service dog. When applying to Friends of Veterans to obtain a service dog, the client should have already received a recommendation from the VA (or VA affiliate) that indicates the client requires a service dog. Under some situations, Friends of Veterans may also assist with veterinarian bills.

If a client is interested in attaining a service dog, he or she should become familiar with the service dog websites below and then contact Friends of Veterans for further assistance.

Service Dog AgenciesWebsite
American Vet Dogs
866 838-3647
Puppies Behind Bars
212 680-9562
Hero Pups
603 397-7444
Vermont Paws and