Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friends of Veterans?

It is a non-profit organization which provides financial assistance for veterans who reside in either Vermont or New Hampshire.

What are the eligibility requirements for financial assistance?

You must be a veteran who served 6 months active duty, received an honorable or under honorable conditions discharge, and reside in either Vermont or New Hampshire.

What types of assistance are provided?

We provide financial support for security deposits, first or last month’s rent, rent that is in arrears, overdue electric or heating bills, and other support for livability of the home. Support for vehicle repair may be provided if the vehicle is required for employment or medical appointments.

Are your staff paid employees?

All of our staff are volunteers and many of them are veterans.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! We need caseworkers to assist our clients and to help with answering and logging phone calls, filing documents, and faxing. Volunteers must pass an interview process and may be required to have a background check before they can participate in caseworker functions. We will provide on-the job training.

How long will it take to get a response to my request for assistance?

Once we receive a completed application and all the supporting documents we work quickly with our committee to make a decision. Our committee meets on Thursdays and checks go out the same day. Our goal is less than a week from complete application to decision.

Do I have to pay FOV back for the financial assistance

No. You can help us by telling other Veterans who may need some help to see our website or give us a call.

Where do your assistance funds come from?

From Grants and individual donations. Our Annual Golf Fund Raising Event provides all the funds necessary for overhead expenses such as rent, phones, computers. office supplies etc.
Income received from 1/2020 through 11/2021:
Grants–62% • Individuals–10% • Golf Fundraiser–28%

Can I call in to get assistance?

Yes. Please call during office hours to speak with a volunteer.
It is more efficient to fill out the forms on our website, but if you are unable to do that please call us. The office is  manned by a single volunteer, so please leave us a message if no one is able to answer your call.


Rent: $21,249
Rent Arrearage: $5,327
Security Deposits: $5,555
Utilities: $19,448
Transportation: $9,928
Moving Expenses: $1,000
Vehicle Repairs: $9,568
Service Dog Support: $3,000
Home Repair: $10,661
Mortgage/Taxes Payments: $2,183
Other: $4,538
Vehicle Payments: $3,644
Heating Fuel: $1,815
Food Cards: $4,132
Gas Cards: $250
Motel Stay: $934