Friends of Veterans is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to help qualified veterans and their families avoid homelessness and to provide financial support for other urgent and basic needs.

Friends of Veterans is an all-volunteer organization that has been in existence since 1983. Our organization has no paid staff. Initially established to prevent veteran homelessness, we now provide financial assistance for rent when eviction is imminent, mortgage payments if foreclosure is imminent, security deposits, utility bills if shutoff is threatened and car repairs if the vehicle is needed for employment or critical healthcare visits. Recently we have begun assisting veterans with PTSD secure a service dog. Under certain circumstances we may help with veterinarian bills for a registered service dog.

Over the last five years, Friends of Veterans has averaged over $100,000 per year in financial assistance to veterans and their families residing in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Some of the ways FOV helps veterans and their families:

Rent, mortgage and utility payments
Service dogs and service dog veterinarian bills
Chanel Smith
Vehicle repairs
Chimney Repair
Home repairs

If you need help with any part of the application process,
please call us at 802-296-8368. Office hours are 11am – 3pm.