Our IT Setup

Friends of Veterans has 5 laptop computers with two monitors each, donated by our most important sponsor, Red River Computers! All are on Uninterruptible Power Supply units. Windows and Office 365 is installed on these machines. There is a VPN controlling remote access (we have snowbirds who migrate to the South during the winter, but continue to do casework). Outlook email client is shared on all 5 computers. An Access database records all client data, although paper file are also maintained. And of course FOV has a website, where you are now!  Faxes from clients are received via email, service provided by Nextiva Fax, although there is also a fax machine at FOV. Data in other forms is also received by email, or occasionally snail mail.

IT Tasks at FOV

Database maintenance

Provide assistance to volunteers, both database and Windows or machine issues

Computer and printer maintenance

Work with consultant as necessary (VPN, Outlook Exchange etc.)

Implement new components as possible: Transfer database out of Access to web access, update/upgrade web site, Facebook maintenance

Interface with Comcast for business phones and internet access.

If you have any questions about the IT challenge at FOV, please submit the following form and our IT manager will get back to you.